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Vitrobond® Anchor Bolt Setting Compound

Vitrobond is a plasticized, hot-pour silica filled, sulfur based mortar. It is easily melted, pours smoothly and is dense and strong. It has the necessary qualities of a setting compound for securely and permanently anchoring bolts and threaded studs in concrete for fastening machinery, handrails, partitions, etc. VITROBOND offers the following advantages: 

  • Twice as strong as concrete 

  • Sets hard within minutes

  • Ready to be put to use as soon as it has cooled 

  • Resistant to vibration, thermal shock or physical shock 

  • Excellent adhesion to steel, iron and concrete 

  • The low viscosity of Vitrobond at the pouring temperature allows the product to completely fill the irregularity between the hole in the concrete and the anchor bolt 

  • Not affected by outdoor weathering 

  • No waste—what is melted but not used can be allowed to cool, then remelted later and used 

  • Low cost

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