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Vitrobond® 120

The jointing compound must contain at least 55% refined sulfur completely soluble in carbon disulfide and present primarily in the rhombic form. It must contain not more than 45% of a properly selected aggregate. The aggregate must be at least 90% silica and have a particle size so distributed as to give optimum physical properties. No clay, shale, brick dust or similar fillers shall be used. 

This cement must meet ASTM C287 for chemical resistant mortars and must show weight change of less than 1% when 1" cylinders are exposed to the following corrosive materials for 30 days at 150ºF (66ºC): 

  • 10% Chromic Acid 

  • 60% Acetic Acid 

  • 25% Sulfuric Acid 

  • 25% Hydrochloric Acid 

  • 10% Nitric Acid 

The compound must act as an electrical insulator and show no passage of current when electrodes are placed apart a distance of 1/2" on the surface under a potential of 45 volts.

Data Sheet
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