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Vitrobond® Corrosion Resistant Mortar

Vitrobond is a plasticized, hot-pour, silica filled sulfur based mortar which was introduced by Atlas in 1931 as its first corrosion resistant mortar. Since that time, Vitrobond has become the industry standard for economical hot-pour cements. 

The exclusive formulation produces a compound with the following unique combination of properties: 

  • Improved thermal shock resistance, yet does not impart the objectionable odor usually associated with sulfur cements 

  • Specially selected aggregate that will not settle out upon melting 

  • Molten cement that is extremely fluid and pours quite easily without lumps 

Principle uses include: 

  • Used with acid resistant brick to construct corrosion resistant masonry sheathing to protect vessels, processing tanks and equipment, storage tanks, pickling tanks, manholes, waste treatment tanks and sumps 

  • Installation of corrosion resistant industrial floors

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